10 Tips for Your Spring Break Trip to 30A, From Local Moms


You are headed to the beach for Spring Break! Yay! Here are some tips for you, from the local moms, to make your 30A Spring Break trip the best ever.

  1. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Even us locals get sunburned at the beginning of the season if we aren’t careful. 
  2. Head to the beach in the morning and/or at dinnertime. It’s more family friendly at those times and can tend to be really busy mid-day. 
  3. Pack layers! We are in the panhandle so it can still be unpredictable weather in the Spring. Oftentimes we have cooler mornings + evenings, but it can still get really warm during the day. So layers are smart.
  4. Book an airbnb that gets you access to a pool! And you probably want to check to make sure it’s heated. Although, let’s be serious… your kids will probably jump in even if it’s ice cold 😉 
  5. The water in the Gulf is still cold, so bringing things like sand toys, frisbees, etc can be helpful to keep little hands busy at the beach. Another tip is to take your kiddos to the areas of the beach where the dune lakes are close/connect. The water in the lakes can tend to be a bit warmer. 
  6. Here are some tips in case you have a rainy day!
  7. Here are some free things to do on 30A
  8. Here are some of our favorite cold treats around town. 
  9. This one is for the moms… our favorite coffee places!
  10. There are some really fun things going on around town like movie nights + outdoor theater. So make sure and check out our event’s calendar!

We hope these tips help! Ask any questions in the comments or reach out to use on social media. We hope you have the best spring break trip to 30A!



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