You Only Need 8 Books for Homeschool Success


My Amazon shopping trends will tell you that I LOVE BOOKS. My house will tell you I love books. We have full shelves, book bins under beds for easy rotation, and every school year I create a very heavy literature based school plan that correlates with our history and science focus. Along with dreams of endless couch snuggles, I dream of reading all the glorious books on my list out loud. But, I have a secret, I only need 8 books for homeschool success.

I can also point you in the right direction for the correct book lists for classical homeschool education, charlotte mason homeschool education, and secular homeschool education with thousands of book recommendations. Are you tired yet? Or intimidated? I was. And still am. Because we never read all the books! But I’ve realized that we will…eventually. Like, probably once my youngest is 5. I have 5 children. The baby is one.

However, here’s secret: you only need 8 books for homeschool success. I still use ALL of these resources. They are the MOST beneficial and easy to use. And when I am overwhelmed by my overachieving plans or someone in my family is sick I ALWAYS come back to these 8 books.

So, if you have lots of littles underfoot or you want to feel like you’re going FORWARD in your decision to homeschool, check out these 8 amazing resources: All of these books come WITH teaching instructions. So you just need some paper, pens, pencils and do my favorite type of homeschooling: “open and go”.

  1. Abeka Reading Handbook (grades preK-3)
  2. Getty Dubay Handwriting Italics books A-D (grades K+)
  3. Mathematical Reasoning Beginning Level 1 through Book C (grades preK-2)
  4. Saxon Math (grades 3 and up)
  5. Spelling and Dictation Plus (grades K-6)
  6. First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Levels 1-3
  7. Exploring Nature With Children
  8. A Child’s History of the World 
You only need 8 books for homeschool success
You only need 8 books for homeschool success


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