And just like that, fall is right around the corner! Not sure how that happened.

When you live at the beach, FALL means the best of both worlds in some ways (unless you’re all about leaves changing, then maybe not so much).  Even though we’re flipping through that autumn-hued Pottery Barn magazine with everyone else, we’re also soaking up the sun, enjoying gorgeous weather, and relatively quiet beaches since the tourist traffic slows down. We may be ordering our Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or just hot coffee instead of iced if you’re not on team PSL),  but we’re doing it in flip flops and tank tops instead of cozy sweaters. All that to say, this edition of Friday Faves goes out to that lovely Multiple Personality Disorder of a season that is Fall in Florida! 

Friday Faves // Fall In Florida

1. DECOR // Fall means homework, which just got its own room; an organized mama’s dream. 

2. SHOP // This little shop makes our Fall-loving hearts happy.

3. DIY // Because even though it’s fall, it’s still beach weather! 

4. LOCAL LOVE // With gift-giving season right around the corner, a monogram makes everything more swoon-worthy. If you’re not using South Walton Stitchery, you’re missing out! They’re great at what they do.