Letting Go


My kids are still young, but we have been slowly hitting milestones over the last several years that are tough to swallow, some of which are experiences that I’m not present for and letting go is so hard. There are all kinds of milestones throughout a child’s life and some are different for every child, which in turn makes it different for every parent.

Natalie, my oldest daughter, had her first experience going on an airplane without me or my husband. At the time she was 6. Her “Lola” came to town to visit and then took her back to Indiana for a week with her on an airplane. This was the first time Natalie had ever been on an airplane, and I found it so hard to let go. It was an opportunity that I probably wouldn’t have been able to give her for a while, and plus she was going to visit her grandma so I didn’t really want to say no.

As a parent, it’s very hard to make decisions to let your kids go.

I always cry and miss her terribly when she leaves for her mini week vacations to visit family that live far away and I will do the same for the other littles when it is their turn, but there are experiences in life that I may not be able to give them that another family member can.

I’m sure not every parent is the same and that’s okay. Maybe not everyone would be okay with their 6 year old going on an airplane without them for the first time, and I get it. A big part of me was so sad she was going to experience it without me but then I had to remind myself it wouldn’t be the first time she would experience something in her life without me. It’s gut wrenching to think about and it breaks my heart, but it’s the truth. Letting go isn’t easy.

We will not be there for every moment in our kids’ life, and we have to cherish the time we do get with them and let them go explore! Kids love adventures!

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