Ashley is a Santa Rosa Beach transplant from the Midwest (Bloomington, IN to be exact). She along with her side kick (husband), Jake and two dogs moved to the area over five years ago to start a business and play by the beautiful gulf. Since moving to the Emerald Coast in 2014 The Burch’s have been blessed with two littles, Huckleberry (age 4), and Edith Lucille “Edie Lu” (age 2). Ashley is a stay at home mama and a top notch homemaker. She loves to decorate, redecorate, and fill her virtual carts with area rugs she will probably never buy. She is a fantastic cook and creative baker, she is always tweaking recipes and trying new things in kitchen! She also helps her husband with their family pressure washing business. Ashley doesn’t believe in perfection and sprinkles a little humor wherever she goes. For more stories and amusement follow along with her day to day on instagram: @ashleyburch.

Making Memories is More Valuable than Making Money

Let me begin by saying this post is not meant to keep you from saving money, I believing saving money is a great thing. But like everything in this life balance is the key...

How to be Stress Free at Christmas Time

Christmas time is magical. The twinkle lights, stories, baking, and gifts. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. All the traditions and commitments can add up to one giant nightmare if you...

Quarantine Me and Tell Me I Am Pretty

Quarantine me and, tell me I am pretty. I guess I never knew this is what I needed all along.  Damn, if this is not a weird time to be alive but, I am kind...

Third Time’s a Charm, 30A Songwriters Fest 2020

30A Songwriters Fest 2020 was a nonstop, music filled weekend. It was my 3rd year attending the festival and by far my favorite for a few reasons, one of them being Abe Partridge and...
body positivity

Love Yourself: We Have to do Better

Being a woman (mother) in 2020 is not for the faint of heart. Living in a world where we are exposed to so much on a daily basis can be a blessing or a...
Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos May Be the Death Of Me

I do not know if it is a second baby thing, a girl thing, or if I am finally being punished for something awful I did in my dreams but this toddler is wild....
I Love You Valentines Day

Valentines Day is for the Kids

My husband and I have a slew of holidays and anniversaries that we acknowledge but, Valentines Day is not one we really celebrate in a romantic way. Valentines Day is for the kids and...
Closet Solutions and Resolutions

New Years Resolutions and [Closet] Solutions for a Happier Home

In partnership with Closet Solutions. As always, opinions are our own. Resolutions are for the birds. There I said it. Over the years I have made many (resolutions) and stuck with none. I just do...

Delicious Donuts, Making Memories is so Sweet

Every family has a special treat that is intertwined in many of their most precious memories. For us it is the delicious and trusty, donut. I have such a long and meaningful relationship with donuts....
New Baby?

Should I Have Another Baby? HELP!

“Are you going to have another baby?” I get the question almost daily. My quick response is usually a half hesitant “no.”  So, I guess my question is, How do mamas decide they are...
move over halloween

Sorry Halloween, I am Already here for Christmas (Just Not The Gifts)

Am I crazy? I know it is not even Halloween yet but I am already super jazzed about Christmas, yes I said “jazzed” I say things like that sometimes, get over it. The cookies,...

Hurricane Michael, Looking Back on the Disaster 1 Year Later

A year post storm, it is kind of hard to believe. The days leading up to landfall of Hurricane Michael were one of scariest times of my life.  I am not a native Floridian and...

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

You know those friends who make you feel like you are their 2nd or 3rd choice? I have spent the majority of my life chasing their “yes.” It was exhausting and emotionally draining. I...
Remembering September 11

Remembering 9/11

Remembering September 11, 2001, 18 years later. I was sitting in 7th grade math class when my teacher, Mrs. Ferree, turned on the television so we could all watch the news reports. I remember...