Christia Palizzi

Christia was born and raised in the PNW and moved to the panhandle in 2015. After slowly migrating across the US with her husband Barry, four kids: Julian, Gabriel, Owen and Emilia, two dogs: Fancy Pants and Violet, and three cats: Sirius, Luna and Dumpling, they have declared Point Washington as their home. Christia is a lover of shopping, 90s hip hop and also Matt Nathanson, wannabe decorator, writer and tacos. She works at Gigi's Fabulous Kids and Toys in Rosemary Beach, loves yoga, running and again, tacos.
big picture

Peaks, Valleys, Highs and Lows – Look at the Big Picture

Over the past year I've been on a journey towards wellness. My journey's taken me over 2,500 miles away on my Peloton and supplied me with endless amounts of water. I've had some wins,...

The Road Back to ME: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery

If you're anything like me you have taken about 15,000 enneagram tests online. You may even follow your specific enneagram number hashtag on instagram and repost the graphics that speak to your soul. For...
homeschool mom

Homeschool Mom-Sometimes We All Need A Time Out

My littles have been at home, with me, for nearly an entire year now. They came home from spring break in 2020 and never went back to the traditional school. Somedays it's dreamy and...
childhood expectations vs. parental responsibility during christmas

Childhood Expectations VS Parental Responsibility During Christmas

When I was a child, Christmas was everything. It was stress free, magical and full of traditions. It was the best. I remember trying so hard to stay awake to hear the reindeer stomps...

Will Christmas 2020 DeGrinch me? Help!

I'm definitely the self proclaimed Grinch in my house. My kids have constant visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads from about November 1st until C-Day. My husband listens to Christmas music by...
choose your own adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure- Good Day or Bad

Have you ever woken up and just been in the worst mood? It totally sets the tone for the whole day. Bad morning, spilled coffee, so much traffic and hitting every red light. It...
disney is still the happiest place on earth

Disney is Still The Happiest Place On Earth! Even During a Pandemic

2020 has been a rough year for a lot of reasons. My family lost two furry members in quick succession, and due to his commitment to the Army National Guard, my husband has been...
self care

Self Care Say What?

Self care is a pretty foreign topic to a lot of moms. I'm not only talking about bubble baths, or massages, facials, or getting your nails done. I'm talking about the absolute basics. By...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month-The Pink Washing Problem

October is fast approaching and along with the ghosts, goblins, scary movies and pumpkins everything (all of which I am 1000000% in support of) comes another insidious beast: the Pink Washing problem. Now, before I get...

Milestone in Motherhood-Another One Bites The Dust

Motherhood. What a ride, am I right? As soon as they put that tiny 8 pound 2 oz bundle of squirmy joy on your chest after many hours of pushing (in my case), your...

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

One of my best friends turned the big four-oh this month. I remember when my mom turned 40. I was nine years old and it seemed like such a big deal. I remember thinking...
home school

From Crisis School to Home School-A Complete 180º

Back in March when my babes started their spring break, we had no idea what to expect. We didn't know that they wouldn't actually attend school again in class this year. The teachers and...

What If I’m Not Dropping Those Balls, What If I’m Putting Them Down?

I don't know about you but my #momlife is a busy one. With four kids at three different schools, I'm always coming or going. Add in dance classes for two of my babes (and...

I Like Your Barrette! Do You Want To Be My Friend?

I don't know about you but finding friends as an adult is so much harder than when I was a kid or even at my most awkward as a teenager. Back then it was...